Friday, May 23, 2008

Hot, hot, hot...

Summer has hit Texas four weeks early.

We even had a power outage for about three minutes at around 4:50 this afternoon - maybe as everyone's programmed air conditioners kicked on.

Gas prices have hit the $3.88 mark, give or take, in my neck of the woods. That cost varies by location and brand. QT and RaceTrac are by far the cheapest gas most of the time.

I got my renewal notice from my electric company the other day. So I called to see what my rate was going to increase to if I stayed. The Texas electrical industry, as far as consumers are concerned, is deregulated. So the guy on the other end said my new rate was going to be 16.3¢ per kilowatt hour. I told him I was going to call around. I've been paying 12.9¢ for the past year.

So I checked online - there's a web site that compared electric company rates here in Texas. So I found 11.8¢ through September 22nd, then the rate will increase to 13.3¢. I can live with *that* increase, but I was going to be gosh-darned if I was going to pay 16.3.

So what are costs like where you live?

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