Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A little late, but here it is. I did call my mom yesterday, though, and she said I needed to update. It's been a whole week and when I go too long without posting she gets worried that I've fallen off the face of the earth.

So here I am.

My weekend was filled with work. Various projects - like cutting down the holly growing in front of my picture window that had gotten so out of control it was blocking over half the walkway up to my porch. Like Spackling and sanding my kitchen walls in preparation for paint. Like cracking the whip on the kids to get them to do their regular chores. Like sealing the insides of my upper cabinet doors.

Yep. *I* did all those chores. Where was my hubby you ask? He was playing paint ball. And with my blessing.

Despite the work and the resulting aching body, I enjoyed my mother's day.

I did actually spend some time
with my kids playing Rock Band. Yep, I play Rock Band. Drums. I can't sing to save my life, and the guitars are too tricky for me to master. It took me awhile on the drums, but now I can play most anything on Easy, and I've got a few songs mastered on Medium.

I hope those of you who are moms had an enjoyable day, too.


L.A. Mitchell said...

You go, Jen. Trying to picture it :) Sounds like you had fun!

K.M. Saint James said...

I can so picture you wailing away on a serious set of drums.

Happy belated Mother's Day to you.

Hey, I'm tagging you. Come by my blog and see why.

Happy writing.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Yeah, well, I don't get dry eye syndrome from writing, but I *do* get it from staring so hard at the TV screen so as not to miss any notes.

But it is fun to spend time with the kiddos, including the 20-year-old.