Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're getting closer...

Okay... counter top installation was postponed until tomorrow. Hubby went out and bought our new stove (he went gas on me) and new dishwasher. The counter top people needed the appliances during the install. We can't use them yet, but we have them. We're going to have a plumber come out Thursday or Friday to hook up water/dishwasher/ice maker, etc. Possibly the gas to the stove, too. Apparently, some plumbers do gas. So, by this weekend I should be able to use my kitchen somewhat. YAY! I still have two coats of sealer to put on the lower cabinets. I'll do one tonight, and the other on Thursday. (Yes, I still have upper cabinets to do, but I figure having the bottom done and new appliances will be good incentive to push on and get the rest of the kitchen completely done.) The kids are looking forward to not having to hand-wash dishes anymore. I'm looking forward to not inspecting dishes after it's my son's turn to do the washing... ;)

Just FYI to anyone in the North Texas area, whether you know me or not--My hubby loves fireworks (and for us fireworks season has already started, that's why I'm thinking about it) and will be doing two or three shows, if you are interested. These dates are tentative at the moment, except the 4th... Friday, June 27th in Leroy, Texas, Saturday, June 28th in Venus, Texas, and July 4th in Justin, Texas. For more info, send an email to info@joyfulnoisefireworks.com.

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