Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Okay, so I've started writing in the morning. Remember I mentioned my hubby was going to run kids to school so that I could have a 2-hour chunk of writing time Tuesday through Friday? This week is more of a warmup since he had to go out of town and I still have to run the kids to school. But I have been writing before, between, and after trips.

A friend of mine critiqued the original version of my current WIP, and she gave me wonderful comments, and even suggested I enter an upcoming writing contest with a particular editor judging the final round of the young adult category. Aside from that, she really likes the concept of my story.

So I've been trying to get that first chapter fleshed out and polished up so that I can enter the contest. But some days I feel so inadequate. And thinking it's too hard.

Should I make it to the final round, and this editor wants to see more of this story ~ say the full manuscript ~ what do I do? The problem is this was originally intended to be a fairly short story. I'm really struggling to come up with additional plot & turning points to make this thing long enough.

But I want to do this. God has allowed me this desire to write and the dream to be published. He's given me the skills, ever-improving though they may be, to accomplish it. It just means pushing aside the doubts, focusing on the story, and relying on the Good Lord to provide whatever else I need to accomplish it.

On another matter, my lower cabinet doors are completely done. I got all the drawer fronts sanded last night, so they are ready for sealing. Except I noticed that I missed staining one edge of one drawer front. Oops. Maybe tonight after church, I'll put the first coat of sealer on the backsides of the drawer fronts. My goal is to get something done on this project everyday. Don't forget the counter top is supposed to come Monday!

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