Thursday, April 10, 2008

Murphy Strikes Again...

First, let me officially record somewhere that I finished listening to 'Captain Alatriste' by Arturo Perez-Reverte and 'H.R.H' by Danielle Steele, two more titles to add to the list in the reading challenge. 'Captain Alatriste' was another odd story. Interesting, but not was I was expecting. But I'm branching out, so I'm proud of myself. 'H.R.H.' was pretty much what I expected from DS.

Some pretty bad storms and several tornadoes ripped through North Texas last night, but here in our little corner, we were/are fine. Although, one complete school district north of us was completely closed for the day. And we have a gorgeous if slightly too-windy day to enjoy. I wish my office were outside, or, at least, that I had windows.

Well, onto Murphy...

The counter-top people came today. I peeked out the front window to see my beautiful new counter top & sink in the back of the installer's truck. So Jose and his partner come in and start doing their thing. But, oh no...

The guy who installed our cabinets did make them level! Okay. The cabinets have got to be level for some reason related to the warranty on the counter tops. Now, The Home Depot told us their people could not install the do-it-yourself cabinets. The counter top installer says they can.

So we found a handy-man company to come install the cabinets for us. They sent us their best guy - who had to come back twice to fix his screw ups. And even then, he did a crappy job cutting the openings in the back of the cabinet to allow the hot and cold water and drain pipes through. He also forgot to cut the opening for the outlet for the garbage disposal.

So now we have to pay the Home Depot to come fix the cabinets so we can get our counters installed.

Some days, life just sucks.

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L.A. Mitchell said...

Sorry you've had such a rough week. Thankfully, the weekend often has a brighter outlook :)