Saturday, January 5, 2008


I'm writing. Not what I should be writing - something publishable for money, not just immediate feedback. But hey, when the muse strikes, you write what she says to write. But at least I'm finally writing.

I've been contemplating this writing endeavor I'm on. My life is completely abnormal. Definitely not conducive to a task requiring a certain amount of time and discipline to get it done. I won't bore anyone with the details. I've been thinking of what I want to write and who I want to write for publisher-wise. I have a short story coming out as part of e-published anthology. Yes, it'll be available in regular print format. Yes, it's a foot in the door of the publishing world, but, at the risk of insulting anyone, is it good enough? This e-publisher. I've read several books from them. I haven't been all that impressed. I know I only got into the anthology because it was a contest and there were only a handful of entries more than were needed for the anthology. I know a couple of the entries were excellent, but unsuitable for the anthology. So I'm in almost be default. Although the editor who worked with me was very encouraging of my writing style & voice. (A great thing to hear for any writer aspiring to be published.)

Or do I want to target paper publishers? That romance giant Harlequin? If I somehow sell them a book, is it more credible? Tough call. I almost think so, but on the other hand, I'm willing to settle. Sad.

Despite the fact the New Year has just arrived, I won't be making resolutions, but rather setting goals. Write so many pages a week... on the same story...

I did finally set-up a small critique group with a couple of like-minded/like-writing/like-personality-ed ladies from my writing group. Now if I could just write some stuff for them to read.

I do have a deadline, though, of sorts. This above mentioned e-publisher will only accept submissions for Valentine's Day 2009 stories through May 13, 2008. So I have between now and then to finish my fifty-five to sixty page Young Adult romance. Ha ha.

Well, back to my writing...

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