Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Checking in...

Well, it's been a week, and I thought it time to at least check in.

The paneling in the kitchen has been painted, which is only about one quarter of the paintable surfaces. The cabinets have not been stained at this point, but that's on my to do list for next week. We've finally decided on which brand and what color counter top we want, and now just have to get over to The Home Depot and officially order it.

And because of the new employee, we've had to do a bit of moving offices around. My husband decided to set up a satellite office in our son's room. That required our son and younger daughter to trade rooms. And then that led to the decision that the rooms needed to be redecorated. So we've been painting our son's room. Actually, the painting itself is now done. Next is replacing the flooring, staining & installing all the decorative trim, and then completing the decorating - new curtains, bed spread, pictures, etc. THEN, we can move MY desk in there and start all over.

Somehow, I have to get a six-foot wall built around my office space before I have to give up my desk. Right now, we're all in a big open space. But I handle the finances and employee records so now, with so many people in the office, it's time for a little privacy.

Well, that's mi vida loca at the moment.

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