Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Painting and growing...

Not that the two are related except by physicality... I've been without a complete usable kitchen for going on a year now. Yes, really. We finally got our cabinets installed, we need to call The Home Depot and/or Lowe's to come and give us an estimate on installing our seamless counter top. On top of that, the cabinets are unfinished, which means I have to stain them, and we've decided on a new color scheme for the kitchen, living room, and hallway, so there's painting to be done, too. Guess who that falls to? Yep, me. I enjoy painting. I really do. And now that I can listen to audio books on my iPod, even better.

As for growing... we own our business and we work from a home office, which is in our remodeled garage, just out the door from the kitchen... And we are interviewing a candidate for our third full-time employee. Yikes. A lot of implications there. We're busting at the seams, as it is. We'll need an additional phone line, and possibly an additional cell phone - we just bought some for our two current employees. Can we afford all the increased expenses? This is the second guy we've hired in less than a year. It took us just over a year to go from one to two.

Well, it's always an adventure around here.

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