Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year


Image courtesy PNGTREE.

Well, here we are again looking ahead at another year and another chance to make positive changes in our lives and further progress toward our goals.

In the meantime, Christmas and New Years Eve were both spent in traditional fashion.

Christmas Eve with DH's family enjoying good food and good company.

New Years Eve was spent selling fireworks and ringing in the new year with some very dear friends. I also met a new friend...two of our faithful fireworks friends recently had a baby.

* * * * * *

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?? My civic duty! For the first time in a suuuuper looong time, I've been summonsed for jury duty. Not sure how it's gonna go, but I guess I'll find out. I'll let you know in the next post.

* * * * * *

And looky--DD and I spent a lazy Christmas day working on our gingerbread row houses. It's not exactly like the picture, but that's okay. I really enjoyed spending time with DD and working on this together.

I was tempted to see what, if anything, Target had on clearance. :0) Alas, I have plenty of other projects I should get back to.

* * * * * *

Christmas Day was lovely. Santa and the fam were good to me. And we FaceTimed with the Brown-Eyed Girl and her soul mate to open gifts.

There was really no one "best" gift, but I was the recipient of this:

I've been hoping for this bad boy for a couple years now and now it's finally mine. I can't wait to buy some of those "plump-when-you-cook-em" franks and see how well they turn out. Thanks, Mimi!!

* * * * * *

And I'm going to sneak in a quick and dirty 4th quarter goals per my 3rd quarter report, no grades again, and just an update (the full list is to the right):

  1. letters and postcards to Grandma in Denmark still going out regularly
  2. didn't finish the book; didn't even think about the book
  3. my Hinge Health routine has been back in place
  4. far surpassed the reading challenge goal
  5. writers group duties happen when they happen :0)
  6. no new patterns to Etsy shop except for customer requests
  7. not much self care going on except the Hinge Health
  8. no home improvement projects completed
  9. no writer education happened
  10. ate like crap--looking at you 2024 to make those changes
  11. housekeeping was hit or miss, but looking forward to 2024
  12. we're still blogging every other week; it's working for me
  13. no articles for my writers group
  14. didn't study the Personality Strengths
  15. got through the whole Bible, with only a couple of missed days (which were made up immediately)
  16. no more Goodreads habit

My Fresh Start Goals for 2024 will be along in two weeks.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to a great 2024 for one and all.


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