Monday, September 11, 2023

Remember September 11th...


Image courtesy IMGBIN.

Do you remember where you were? What you were doing?

I was on my home from dropping off Sonshine at school. He was in Kindergarten!! I had the radio on, as I did in those days, and heard the news pretty much immediately. I spent all day in front the of the television until it was time to pick Sonshine up from school. By that time, I was over-saturated by information and images, so no more TV when we got home.

* * * * *


It looks as though triple digits in North Texas is a thing of the past! I gotta tell you, I'm so thankful and I'm looking forward to getting out in the yard with a rake. After a crazy storm this past Saturday night--which I slept through--the yard needs some tidying.

Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait.

* * * * *

And in other news, DD and I spent most of this past Saturday re-arranging the living room. While we were doing that, I got froggy and swept and mopped the floor. Let me tell you--my hips are not happy with me!

Here's the new layout:

Previously, the couch and end tables were in front of the window and the TV was centered on the baby-poop colored wall...

* * * * *

Have a great week. Catch you Thursday.


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