Monday, September 25, 2023

Miscellaneous Monday

First of all--apologies for missing both posting days last week. I ran out of days and energy and, quite frankly, give-a-damn to worry about it.

Life has taken a turn. Not a bad one, maybe a good one, although time will tell, but a turn none-the-less.

The point of this blog from the beginning was that, as an aspiring author, I should establish myself on various social media platforms for when I became published... So I picked blogging as my primary platform of choice. After sixteen years (WOW!) I have (only) two dozen followers. I'm grateful to all of you over the years for showing some level of interest in the journey of my life and my mind.

But as my knowledge and experience grew over time, I made decisions about how I'd steer my author "career." Forcing people to follow me on any of the social media platforms out there wasn't part of the equation. Hence the low number of followers.

I didn't bribe people to follow me or charge people a fee for taking part in drawing and giveaways. For most authors that fee was usually an email address which then was supposed to be used for sending newsletters. Which I never did because I blogged instead. If readers want to know me they could visit here and/or sign up for receiving my blog posts electronically.

I've mostly enjoyed blogging over the years and have kept on with it for personal reasons, but I'm reaching a point where the time it takes to think up topics, research as needed, and then write them up isn't worth the hassle or the ROI--which is, in all honesty, nothing.

I need things off my plate as my journey through life morphs changes, blogging seems like a likely target for plate-clearing.

That said, it's not happening yet, but I'm cutting back to every other Monday, and I'll be consistent with that until the end of the year. I'll revisit my feelings and my plate come the new year and I'll go from there.

* * * * *

 So Triggernometry is a podcast I've been listening to for almost a year now. 

I came across a YouTube video of Konstantin Kisin (the guy on the left) giving a speech at Oxford Union in the UK entitled "Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far."

What he said really spoke to me and so I was led to investigate his podcast...which I did and I've been impressed and enlightened.

Not every guest comes from a place that I agree with. Their guests are from many industries, from comedians to authors to scientists and more. Many guests are on the opposite side of the political aisle from me, but the thing I love most is that these guys value and present respectful dialogue with people who may have differing opinions than they do. That's something I really respect and admire, and that's something that's being lost in this country. 

While listening to the conversation, it's always interesting to me that while I may not agree with everything a guest says, there is usually a point or two that I do agree with. At the very least, the topics and points of view are definitely educational, and they are broadening my knowledge of what's going on in the world. I've even changed my mind about an issue or two.

So if you just want some intellectual stimulation, do check them out on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform.

* * * * *

And that's all I've got for this week. I'd been hoping for a few more topics, but that obviously didn't happen.

So...I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Take care.

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