Thursday, August 31, 2023

Throwback Thursday


For lack of planning and something better to post about...let's remember some things, shall we?

Just gonna scroll through the collection of images I've amassed over the years and pick some experiences to remember...

During Sonshine's first year in band, they played on the steps of the Texas Capital. DD and I ended up making a run down there to see / listen to them. On the way back home we took a quick detour to visit the football field in Pflugerville where scenes from the hit show Friday Night Lights were filmed...

* * * * *

As band mom for many years, I coordinated the provision of dinner for the band on game nights.

My turn...

* * * * *

A rare sighting (in pictures, anyway) of the beautiful Darling Daughter (aka DD). This was taken many moons at the Fort Worth Zoo one lovely fall day.

* * * * *

During my trip to Nashville with Dan back in 2019 (??) so that I could meet Mike Rowe--which I did, btw--I went on a walking tour of the city which included a trip to the original Grand Ol' Opry building.



* * * * *

Back when I was participating on the BBC Sherlock fandom online, I attended the 221B Con in Atlanta.

* * * * *

Me in Red Rock Amphitheater in Boulder at the conclusion of my first time at GRL which was in Denver that year.

* * * * *

My first Dallas Stars Season Ticket Holder event...meeting players at Six Flags. This is Tyler Sequin.

* * * * *

And a final ode to the Lake House...hope your new owners are appreciating you...

As for you, dear friends, hope you have a great weekend. Get some rest.


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