Thursday, August 24, 2023

Out of the Office


Image courtesy of IMGBIN.

The office office, that is....

Today, the day this posts, I'm in my home office, having taken a day off my day job to work on personal stuff. Namely my online pattern store, You can visit if you want, but it's a hot mess right now.

I had a day off two weeks ago as well and while I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped--things tend to take longer than we anticipate--I still got enough done that I was happy with my progress. Let's hope today is as productive.

I'm still learning how to navigate Word Press and its block editor as well the ins and outs of the site theme and how it combines different types of data and widgets to create dynamic site pages. I've shied away from learning WordPress for long enough for various reasons, but no more.

I can and I will figure the systems out.

Along with learning the mechanics of the website, I need to gather my pattern ideas, figure out the best way to organize them, and then put together project plans and timelines.

My other order of business is writers group stuff. I have a few things I've been putting off, but I cannae any longer.

Hope you have as productive a day today as I plan to. And here's to a relaxing weekend.


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