Thursday, December 22, 2022

Merry Christmas!

 Image courtesy IMGBIN.
Just a few days hence and it'll be Christmas. Sadly the whole of the holiday falls on a weekend and we get no extra days off work. On the other hand, clients usually quiet down this time of year, so time can be spent working on projects rather than tickets.
And, as per usual, Christmas will be hosted by one of my sisters-in-laws, so, thankfully, I haven't had a whirlwind of cleaning and cooking to accomplish on top of working and the baseline of Christmas activities.

But I'm definitely looking forward to seeing everyone and, of course, seeing their reactions to the gifts I bought them. For some I have to buy straight from the Giftster list. For others I can go off book a little and buy them something based on past conversations or known interests.
I hope your Christmas is exactly what you want and/or need it to be.
Take care and...

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