Monday, May 16, 2022



If you've been around these parts long enough, you might recall, I did a stint as a NASCAR fan way back in the day. I'm still a fan I guess, I just don't watch the races and I don't go to any races and I don't collect NASCAR collectibles. I still have my collectibles, though, and in fact, DH came across one of my favorite NASCAR collectibles while re-arranging the garage in preparation for Mom's arrival.

Let me introduce you to Sterling Marlin--my favorite driver back in the day...

This is a cardboard stand-up (that has seen better days, lol) and seemed pretty popular in NASCAR circles back in the day. Might still be, but I don't play there, so I don't know. You might have seen these in grocery stores in the beer aisle especially during big game events that might happen in your town.

This standup was bought on the down low from a bar in Phoenix when DH and I traveled there for a race waaaay back in 2001!

But I'm here to talk about NASCAR DAY, which according to the National Day Calendar website is:

"Each year on the third Friday in May, NASCAR Day recognizes the drivers, celebrities, corporate partners, media, and the millions of fans. They all come together to raise funds for charitable causes across the nation."

Sounds like a fun time, as NASCAR races are.

There's nothing like standing shoulder to shoulder with 100,000 of your best friends while while 40+ stock cars come barreling around turn four to start a race. Everything roars and vibrates... It's a pretty amazing experience.

As is camping at a NASCAR track. We did it twice. Once here in our own back yard at Texas Motor Speedway and once at Phoenix International Raceway. Each track had its own personality--TMS was a total party track, PIR seemed to be the retirees. Loads of fun either way.

So if you're a NASCAR fan, take a few minutes on Friday May 20th to celebrate NASCAR and your favorite driver and yourself as a fan.

Have a great week!

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