Monday, May 23, 2022

Miscelleneous Monday


Image courtesy of IMGBIN.

Did you know that the last day that all of us humans were on Earth together was October 31, 2000. At least one person has been aboard the International Space Station ever since.

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Did you know that one million seconds is about 12 days, and one billion seconds is about 31 years...?

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Texas ... The Windy State...?

Image courtesy of IMGBIN,
but I do have some not-as-good pictures of my own...


Did you know that Texas generates nearly double the wind power of any other US state?

I didn't either, but it makes sense. We're the second largest state in the Union *and* we have a lot of wide open spaces.

Have you ever seen a line of these suckers, up close and personal?? I think they're pretty impressive looking.

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Things are going okay...not great, but okay...

Mom is struggling a little on two fronts--a little with energy levels and whatnot, a little with accepting that she's not going to get back to her beloved Oregon. I think there's some grieving and depression going on.

Your prayers, if you're the praying sort, would be greatly appreciated.

Take care and have a great week.

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