Thursday, March 17, 2022

Strengths Spotting - Jen's #10: Focus

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Strengths spotting in oneself and in others is highly encouraged in the BFA circles...

(BFA is the Better-Faster Academy, where my Strengths Guru, Becca lives, eats, and breathes. It's geared towards writers, although most of the advice and information can be applied more broadly.)

So I've been trying to be aware of how each of my strengths manifests itself in my daily living. It's quite interesting to make those connections. Now every aspect of every Strength doesn't always apply to every person and some of that has to do with the placement of the Strength as well as the Strengths around it which will hinder and help in various ways.

But DH and I had a conversation last week about what I thought were ways that he could make better progress in his various tasks and projects, so I suggested we revisit his Strengths test results and then come up with ways to utilize them to help him make progress on his priorities.

The whole whole purpose of knowing your Strengths is to lean into the top five or ten and utilize the things you're already good at or wired for to ratchet up your game. Whatever that means for you.

* * * * *

So my number ten Strength is Focus. According to one of the reports I received after taking the test, this is why I succeed using Focus:

"You have a powerful ability to prioritize, set goals, and work efficiently. You avoid time-consuming distractions and stay on track toward an overall objective."

And that's mostly true. The challenge for me is that at work, I wear many hats and so the duties of some of the hats (receptionist, answering phones, for example) derails my ability to get into a zone and efficiently concentrate on and complete some of my other responsibilities.

In my writing endeavors, on the other hand, I've implemented the actions they suggest: carving out dedicated time and eliminating distractions. That's why I get up way before the rooster crows to write and churn through other admin tasks related to writing and publishing. And it's worked brilliantly.

At work, we've been discussing the need for our techs to have a chunk of time that's sacred to them so they can focus on assigned projects. I want in on that. I want a time block each week so that I too have time to deep focus on a couple of recurring tasks. I get into a groove and then people want to randomly speak to me and pull me from that groove I'm in.

* * * * *

Hope you're having as great a week as I am... :0)

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