Thursday, March 3, 2022

National Sons Day

Mark your calendar for tomorrow--March 4th. If you have a son, that is. :0) It's National Sons Day.

Sadly, I haven't seen my sonshine for a few years... BUT!

He's coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and I'm super excited.

The Brown-Eyed Girl is coming too, so I'll have all my babies here for a few days. I'm thrilled, to say the least, but back to the son in this post...

We could have been scrolling for quite some time with the sheer number of pictures I have shared of Sonshine over the years, but I'll narrow it to just a few. Of course, I'll be getting some new ones for my collection, which I'll definitely be sharing. :0)

That boy--I tell you. One of the few loves of my life. He's ornery and stubborn and prone to fish tales. He's a self-proclaimed *$$hole. But he's mine and I love him to the moon and back.

Can't wait to see him.

And you have a great week.

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