Monday, December 20, 2021

Miscellaneous Monday

Yellow Rose Award Winner!

I forgot to mention that I received this lovely trophy / plaque at my writers group meeting. And yes 2020 is the correct year. I won the award last year, but did not get the plaque. The president at the time sent the yellow roses; this year's president went the extra mile and got me the thing that would last longer than a couple of weeks...

Giant Christmas Light Pillow!

Sadly all the Christmas stuff at Walmart has been condensed to a few very short aisles as the store makes way for the next seasonal thing--but I saw this large shiny plush green Christmas light. I was tempted to get it, but I certainly didn't need it and have no place to put it. If it's there next week at a significant price reduction, I'll consider it. :0)

Board Games and Colorforms!

I had so many Colorforms as a kid. I had the game Battleship as a kid. But the combination of the two just tickled me. I was tempted to buy it, but it would never get played and so I took the picture to share the nostalgia here.

* * * * *

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was quiet and productive. Made ever more progress on the house-cleaning, one little extra project (like dusting a specific thing) at a time while I keep up with the general tasks & previous additions to the tasks.

Baked pup-cakes and made more taco soup for DD--more soup than fit in my largest stock pot, so we had to break out the crock pot. That ended up filled to the brim (no lie) as well. Since DD is home because of school break, she requested a double batch because she likes it that much.

Have a great week; see you Thursday...

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