Monday, December 14, 2020

The Stockings Were Hung...


No chimney, but this mirror was bought specifically for stockings...

I must confess that a) they've been hanging there all year because I forgot to pack them away last year, and b) I hadn't planned on stuffing them this year. Mostly we end up with a bunch of candy that everyone gripes they shouldn't eat. But as I planned this post, I had an idea and so now...they have a few goodies, but are not stuffed to the fluffy trim.


My gifts to the fam are wrapped and ready! Now we just need the fam and the big day to arrive. Woo hoo!

DD and I spent hours in front of the TV this weekend watching and wrapping, watching and wrapping. Penelope was first up on list, but we also queued a few other sappy Christmas themed films.

I did some cleaning in anticipation of our guests, although there is still more to be done. I also put out a few more decorations and gathered up the fall stuff...

All that's left food-wise are the perishables.

So I'd say I'm on track for a low-key, low-stress Christmas.

Hope you had a great weekend.

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