Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Back to Normal...

The Brown-Eyed Girl and her soul mate have come and gone. Christmas was a lovely low-key success. We ate too much, hung out, and had some fun playing games.

I did a good job of putting aside my disquiet at the disruption of my routines to enjoy time with my baby girl. By the end there, we weren't too far off track with bedtimes. I did have to nap every day though, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. :0)

Everyone loved their presents. The best gift--and completely unexpected by DD--was a Cricut Machine. She'd been wanting one and was planning to get one come next summer, but I came across a sale and bought her one. She was thrilled and very much surprised. So momma done good.

This sticker is her first creation, which she just put on a random container lid. I'll share more of what she can do as she does it, but supplies aren't cheap, so it'll take time to build those up as well as to learn how to do various things.

 DD also got a mini-waffle maker and she made us chaffles Sunday night.

We had cheeseburger chaffles and that one pictured is a pepperoni pizza chaffle.

We have quite a few varieties that DD and I are excited about trying. Since chaffles are keto friendly--this should help me get back on eating plan and provide some fun alternative ways to "cook."
* * * * *
In other news, I was greeted Monday morning with this message in my inbox:
"Man oh man!!!!
I have loved every book in this series, but, Landon and Mads take the cake! ....would love to follow their lives further"
Landon and Mads are the heroes in the book I released December 17, Breakaway For Love, and book four in the Face Off For Love series. This is the first time I've gotten contacted directly by a reader and, let me say, it was quite the thrill!!
And yesterday morning, I completed the first draft of a novella I'm working on to submit to an online publisher. I even hit the word count goal, which has increased several times as I wrote and realized I couldn't pull off the tale in the original word count goal I specified.
Today, I exported the text out of Scrivener and into a Word doc and began revisions. Looking at it in a different format helps to trick the brain a little. I can see typos and missing words or spaces more easily too. It needs a bit of fleshing out and polishing up before I put it  aside to sit and percolate / rest for a couple of weeks before the final revision/polish process.

Once it's resting, I'll be writing the synopsis required for submission and percolating on hockey book 5, called Finders Keepers. :0)

Hope you're having a great (yay, SHORT) week.

See you Friday.

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