Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Rough Seas Ahead...

On December 27th, I wrote a bit about the reckoning going on in RWA. The reckoning has turned into a tsunami of accusations, mud slinging, finger pointing and probably a lot of misinformation.

As a local chapter president I can't just ignore it, can't let someone else steer the ship.

The name of this blog is  A Time for Everything. It's one of my mottoes/beliefs. Another of my mantra is everything happens for a reason. Even if we don't always know or understand what that reason at the time...

I asked a friend last week--"Why is that happening while I'm president?"

I'm not a crusader of any sort. My presidencies of my writers group notwithstanding, I'm not a leader. I'm a follower, or more accurately, I'm a watcher and a waiter.

But for some reason, I'm the one that the members in my group are going to look to for guidance and I don't have much to give other than: it's up to each member to follow the course of events and make up their own mind. I'll be at the helm for any who want to remain in the boat.

I must need some sort of personal growth or a lesson, which, you know, is fine. It's good. I don't feel super blindsided. I just need to be on the lookout. it could be one of a couple of things...or all of the above.

Time will tell.

Here's to a good week, RWA crap-storm notwithstanding...

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