Friday, January 10, 2020

It's Friday, y'all...

And it's not that the week has been especially horrific (only one day was particularly stressful), but I'm meeting my dear friend N for lunch as long as the weather cooperates at least one the days. Visiting with N is always a cause for celebration and I can't wait to see her.

And also, my family will sleep in and I don't have to get ready for work, which means I'll have an extra couple of hours of peace and quiet to dig into the two projects I'm working on. I'm working on a synopsis for one and character building for the other...

So I've been back to routines and schedules for 4.5 days now and things are going pretty well. For the most part, no carbs other than my carb-light tortillas--although I must confess to a bowl of cereal on that super stressful day. I just needed something easy and comforting. I've gotten up on time every day, although not as early as once upon a time, and exercised daily in the mornings, and did yoga every evening--again accept for that one day where I just went to bed as soon as I could after dinner.

So I've made a good start at getting back on the wagons. Challenges lie ahead however. I'll be headed to a writers retreat on Thursday and everyone will be providing meals...I'll just to make sure I'm extra diligent about getting more than the usual number of steps in and making the healthiest choices I can.

Have a great weekend--

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