Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Time for Family

I made my annual trek to Omaha this past weekend to see my family-- I was driving there on Friday and driving home on Monday, hence no blog posts. I could have scheduled something random, but I just didn't get around to it.

Anyway, my oldest sister and her daughters have all moved back home and so all the baby birds are back in the fold. I got to see those four nieces for the first time in TEN years and they are much grown. All of them teenagers now. Holy smokes. But beautiful and each one unique.

The visit was a little crazier with the addition of the four girls on top of my other sister's three younger, wilder bunch, but a good time was had by all.

My baby sisters and me...

Kristen in the middle and Meagan on the right.

I also stopped in to say hello to our dad, who died ten years ago come November. Of course, I couldn't find his grave because I don't get to go very often and it's usually dark outside. My step-mother ended up throwing on some clothes and driving to the cemetery to help me find it. (Yes, she was up--an early riser like me and the cemetery is ten minutes or less from the house.)

This time, I oriented myself--there's a pergola thing at the end of the walkway--so next year I shouldn't have any issues. :0)

On the drive home, I stopped at some of the scenic overlooks which I have never done, but it's a long drive by yourself, so stopping and stretching isn't a bad thing.

Cows in Kansas!

I've always wanted to stop and see these things, so I finally did. I know they're huge and this picture doesn't do them justice at all. To see them whirling out across the countryside is pretty amazing.

Hope your long weekend was everything you needed it to be-- Catch you Friday.

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