Friday, September 13, 2019

(Self) Publishing a Book is both Exciting and Tedious

Happy Friday, y'all. I'm still waiting for the cool down to happen here in North Texas. C'mon, Mother Nature... lol

Come October 16, books 7 and 8 will be live and official. I got edits back from the proofreader over Labor Day and I quickly fixed all the minor issues. And I do mean minor. Missing words and whatnot. For all that I struggle with the plotting, I've never had a book come back from the editor needing major plot fixes. So something comes together somewhere for me, and I'm grateful, let me just put that out in the universe.

Once all the fixes are applied, it comes time to make sure the front and back matter is ready to go. That's things like the dedication, making sure the appropriate ISBN number is in place on the correct copyright page (I have three I can interchange as needed), making sure I've noted all trademarked items I mentioned.

After that it's time to compile the document out of Scrivener and into a MS Word document and format. This is headers and page numbers, centering scene and chapter breaks, blah, blah, blah. I don't mind this part too much. I'm trying create checklists for everything so I don't forget stuff and so I do things the same way every time. That's a bit tedious.

But the most tedious part for me is logging into the various retailers and setting up the book for sale. Blech. But if I don't do that, the books stay hidden on my PC. Conversely, it's exciting to get the email saying the book has been accepted for sale. It's even more exciting when the royalties drop into the account each month.

This weekend will be all about finishing the second anthology. It's so so close. Just the very last scene to wrap up, but I struggle with endings and I don't want it to be cheesy as it's a Valentine's Day date.

So yeah.

Also, housecleaning. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Oh, and bathing the dog, poor thing. She's nasty.

Have a great weekend!!

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