Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Stars at night...

...are big and bright!!

So, yes, I got to see a few faves and missed out on a couple of others. That's the way it goes. Maybe next year. :0)

Fair warning--I'm horrible at smiling for the camera, so in a couple of these pictures I look super dorky.

Here we go...

Not the first picture I took, but far and away the most coveted:

Little ol' me and TYLER SEGUIN!!!

As for the rest...(well, a few are still on DD's phone). But what I do have at the moment...

Me and:




It doesn't look like Alex was having a lot of fun, although I'd seen him smile a few minutes prior, so maybe he was tired...maybe the language barrier...

DD and I had a wonderful time hanging out and taking pics with our Dallas Stars.

Be loud!! Wear green!! Go Stars!!

PS--As far as my 100 Things Challenge item...I won a purse in an auction many moons ago but never used it, because it was more fancy than everyday use and it wasn't really my thing. Also I was after other parts of the package. So it's been sitting in the closet for the better part of ten years.

Have a great rest of your week.

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