Friday, October 5, 2018


As I must've mentioned somewhere :0) the Stars home opener was last night with DD and I in attendance. And they won! Definitely a nice way to start the season.

But I realized a few things...

Being even a partial season ticket holder means I'll (obviously) be attending a lot more games, which means...

A) I have to come up with a game day dinner-to-go because eating arena food every time will be too expensive. Not only in terms of dollars, but also in terms of calories and carbohydrates.

B) Even though it'll usually be late by the time I get home, I still have to make a point to brush my teeth. Teeth care is a must for me these days as I have various mouth issues, so this is going to be a challenge I have to win.

C) I need to solve my shoe situation for games. Arenas are cold. The floors are concrete. My feet are my barometers. If my feet are warm, I am warm. My sneakers have never kept my feet warm. Next game I'll try my boots.

D) I need to solve my "Stars Gear" situation. I mean--you have to wear gear right?? You can't go in just any old thing.

I have two Dallas Stars shirts. One is just a generic Victory Green team shirt, the other is a player shirt. Both of which are made of regular tee shirt fabric. Neither of which will keep me warm enough once the weather turns cold. And who wants to wear a jacket over their gear??

The Hangar (the onsite team store) has all kinds of hoodies and jackets and jerseys. The stuff's not cheap, so I'll have to save up and look for coupons and discount offers and slowly build my collection of layers. Long sleeved tees, lightweight jackets, jerseys. I'm a firm believer in layers.

Perhaps for Christmas I should request gift certificates and such for The Hangar and :0)

On a side note, George Strait dropped the ceremonial first puck. I forget how much I love his music. Did you know he has more number one songs than any other artist in any genre of music? He is also third only to Elvis Presley and The Beatles with the most gold and platinum albums in the history of music. Pretty damn good, eh?

I'll leave you with this. Have a great weekend.

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