Monday, July 2, 2018

Hello there!

Long time, no post... Okay, it's been a week, but it's been a busy week and I didn't plan well. I spent four days out of five down at the fireworks store and the one at the office trying to catch up on everything it was too difficult to do working remotely or that I just couldn't get to.


Weekend before this past weekend I was at a writers retreat I was going to tell y'all about, but it just didn't happen. It was a good time with a small group of writers, most of them from my actual writers group. Our hostess is always willing to share her knowledge and the things that have worked for her as well as answer questions. I'd heard most of her success-story before, but a refresher is never a bad thing. I gleaned a couple of tips and made some progress on a WIP, so a good weekend, all in all.

This recent past weekend, I got all caught up on household chores that had been neglected for the last couple of weeks in the run up to getting DH off to the fireworks store as well as being gone myself last week. Much as I hate chores, it felt good to get everything crossed off the list.

In addition to a copy editing job and updating a book series guide, I've also been trying to get books one and two formatted for printing. That's not the hard part although it is rather tedious and I'm having to create a how-to so they'll all be formatted identically when I get around to doing the other four books. The covers are the biggest challenge...but my hostess from the retreat had an answer for that as well, so I'll see how that turns out.

Summer arrived with a bang, didn't it?? Hope you're keeping cool.

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