Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Maybe this year, Ovi!

In Monday's post, and many others, I said I was rooting for the Pens to win their third straight Stanley Cup.

Unfortunately, the Pens lost to the Capitals on Monday evening.

So Alexander Ovechkin (Ovi) finally gets his chance to play on for the Stanley Cup. This is the first time in the Ovi era (since 2004, when he was signed to the team) that the Washington Capitals have made it past the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Of course, they have to win the best of seven against the Tampa Bay Lightning and then against whoever wins in the West: the Vegas Golden Knights, the Winnipeg Jets, or the Nashville Predators. The Jets and the Preds play each for the change to play Vegas in the Western Conference Final.

In equally exciting news, the Capitals became the first Washington D.C. based sports team representative since 1998 to reach the conference finals in one of the four major North American sports. Congrats to them!

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