Monday, May 7, 2018

Happy Hockey-versary...

Two years ago around this time, I started watching hockey. It might have been more mid-to-end-of-April than the beginning of May, but whatevs--

I embraced hockey and fumbled around trying to figure out how to watch my Dallas Stars play hockey whenever the mood struck. Alas, my first year attempts were in vain and I didn't get to watch much Stars hockey.

Last year, I was all into playoff hockey again even though the Stars didn't have a chance, and I finally figured out the best way to get Stars hockey on my TV--I had to upgrade my cable package. Which meant, of course, the monthly cost would go up. I spoke with DH and he had no issue with that and so, this past year, Fox Sports Southwest and Dallas Stars games were available to me.

Despite the Stars just missing the playoffs again, I am a happy hockey fan.

Watching the Vegas Golden Knights defy every expectation this year has been a lot of fun. Their whole fan experience looks fantastic and I hope that I can make a trip to Sin City one of these days to enjoy the spectacle in person.

I have also been rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins, back-to-back Stanley Cup champs (2016, 2017), to get the three-peat. I can't say it's all been fun and games there because they played a tough opponent in the first round and are currently playing in the second round. Playing the same team they've vanquished the last two years in the second round--a team that you can imagine wants to end the heartbreak. A team who has never made it past the second round in about a dozen years. A team with a star player who deserves a Stanley Cup win in his lifetime. (Maybe next year, Ovi?)

Let's go PENS.

Let's go KNIGHTS!

Have a great Monday and a great week.

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