Friday, April 6, 2018

So, hey, it's Friday...

And there's supposed to be a post here...but inspiration has been a bit thin. My brain is full of lots of things that y'all don't care much about; mostly hockey, cross stitch, hockey, hockey, and the hero of an(other) anthology I'm mostly coordinating as well as participating in.

But what the hell, it's my blog. :0) I can ramble on about whatever I want, right? You can choose not to read.

So my Dallas Stars are officially out of the playoffs. They play their last game Saturday. The last regular NHL season game will be played Sunday. The first round of the playoffs begins next Wednesday.

My Pittsburgh Penguins play the Columbus Blue Jackets for the second year in a row. The Pens won last year in five games.

My Vegas Golden Knights--one of the sports stories of the last year--play the Anaheim Ducks. This is the Golden Knights first year as a team, so they have no playoff history. The fact that they're here says a lot. Absolutely no one in the hockey world would have taken that bet at the start of the season. Also they're number one in the division. The Ducks made it to the third round last year. I don't how much of last year's team is intact. I do know they were first in the division last year, but slid into the playoffs this year on a wild card slot.

If these two teams face each other at all--it will be in the final round and for the Stanley Cup. I've mentioned before that I want both of them to win. The Pens are going for their third Stanley Cup in as many years and the Golden Knights are going for their first Cup in their first year as a franchise. It's impossible to pick one over the other.

Cross stitching also involves hockey because I'm working on hockey-related patterns for my Etsy shop, so yeah... (speaking of which, I need to upload a few new ones today...)

The new anthology is going to be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward getting my own story written as well as reading the submissions of the other authors. The premise is all of us female writers are setting up our male writer friend on blind dates because no one can believe this sweetheart is still single.

Okay, I've successfully rambled enough to fill a post, so signing off. Hopefully, I'll have something more interesting to say next week.


*as a hockey note, first round hockey playoffs are always within a single division, of which there are four in the NHL.

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