Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I am SO not feeling the words...


I have books to write. Well, one book at the moment. Book 7 of my series. I've started it. I'm just shy of 15K words with a projected goal of 32.5K words.

What's the problem you ask?

Well, if I knew, I think it probably would be less of a problem. I love both the heroes, I still like the premise, I like the series, but I'm just not feeling...something.

But I want to write. I have the desire to sit, open up Scrivener, and put words to page, but when I think about opening the book 7 file, I just feel meh.

So I'm working on other things. I've a got another anthology in the works with a group of writer friends and there's always fanfic--I do have a fic hanging out in the world that need to be finished.

At least I'll be writing and being productive, right? And maybe the other thing will work itself out or I'll skip it and switch book 7 with book 8 and work on 8 instead.

And Happy Hump Day...

Have a great rest of your week.

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