Monday, January 22, 2018


Lookie what I got this weekend! As I mentioned Friday, I had writers group on Saturday. After close to a dozen years, I'm finally a published author and, as per our little incentive program, I received a jumbo pencil with each book's info written on it. I took four home because those were birthed last year. Book 5's pencil stays in the boots until next December. It's sort of a visual as the year goes on to see how prolific the group is a whole. Here are my pencils!!

Okay so they're not that exciting to look at, but I finally have them.

In addition to pencils, I also received charms. In honor of our group's 35th anniversary, we've been doing a charm program. Whoever writes at least 25 pages or edits 50 pages each month earns the charm of the month. Since I finished a book somewhere in there last year, I was able to get an additional charm.

Here's my book charm, which I chose more for the series as a whole than for the specific book itself.

Yep, it's rainbow cake. :0)

Here are the other charms and my full bracelet...

...four of them because it's been a while since I was at a meeting to receive them.

Most importantly, I saw all my lovely dear writer friends and had a fantastic time not only at the meeting, but at the post-meeting meeting with my closest writer friends who are the most wonderful women in all the world.

Also, my beloved Stars kicked much Buffalo ass on Saturday. :0)

Great weekend all around. How was yours??

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