Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New collection...?

No, not really.

During my whirlwind Christmas shopping trips this season, I saw two separate sets of salt and pepper shakers that tickled my fancy.

I bought the first one almost immediately because I couldn't stop thinking about them as I was walking through the store after I'd seen them.

I actually went back to the store (a different one from the first, however) to buy the second set because, well, why not? They were cute and aside from being salt and pepper shakers, are of things I actually do have a collection of.

So what are these shakers of which I speak?

I loved these little barn shakers from the moment I spied them.
They're complimentary to my Charles Wysocki collector plates. :0)

Dala Horse shakers! Are they not super cute??

I'm really not interested in starting a collection of shakers, but if see others that hit my buttons as much as these two sets do, I'll probably break down now that I've already gone there.

Anyone else collect shakers? Feel free to share any other collections you might have.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dala horse shakers! Oh my gosh, they were obviously made just for you! :-)