Monday, September 5, 2016

Temptation thy name is... (among other things) FALL!

Remember I talked about the temptations I'd be facing by having to shop at the big Walmart since my Neighborhood Market closed?

Well, one of those temptations showed up in the form of autumn decorations and housewares. I gave in, because there really wasn't any question that I would. :) So this is what I've purchased so far:

  I love decorative holiday plates and cups.

 Already stuck to the kitchen window and front storm door.

 Hanging on the oven door handle.

Blue runner hung back in the closet, placement on the table as a centerpiece.

There's no telling what might end up in the cart next week. Although I'm thinking maybe one more hand towel. You always gotta have a pair, right??

How about you? What's the one thing you can't resist??

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