Monday, April 25, 2016

So, life...

It's been an exciting few days. The most exciting thing is that I got to see my second mom, my sister, my aunt and my cousin this weekend. It was my aunt's birthday last week and they were having a party. My second mom and my sister flew down from Nebraska and Michigan respectively to be here.

My sister and me:

And baby sister wearing her tutu, because life will always be better with a tutu!

She has inspired me though and I now know what I'm wearing to the 221B Con next year. :D

In other very interesting/exciting news...I was contacted via Facebook by a very very old friend of mine. Usually, when one hears about these things, the parties involved knew each other in high school or college. In this case, I knew this friend back in elementary school!! Our moms were great friends for many years, and so we were friends too. The really amazing thing is that while we both lived in Southern California as children--she now lives in Texas! So we'll be making arrangements to meet and catch up here in the next month or so.

So how was your weekend??

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