Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nothing New Under the Sun

My Sonshine came home for a visit last week and it's as if he hasn't been away for a year and a half. I still miss him dreadfully sometimes, but it has gotten easier.

The Brown Eyed Girl and her significant other came up from Houston this past weekend as did DD and we celebrated Christmas. Everyone seemed pleased with their gifties. I think the best loved gift was an elephant lamp given to the Brown Eyed Girl. My favorite gift was just having everyone all together for a while visiting and we even played a little Rock Band. (I do so miss that...maybe I should add that to my goal for the year.)

My Brown Eyed Girl has come a long way from just a few years ago and I'm so happy that she's happy and healthy and doing well for herself. She recently got a promotion into a supervisory position. Her boyfriend is a clean cut young man, very handsome, and sweet. (Man--I should have gotten a picture of them...)

(Okay, stolen from her Facebook page :)--more than one way to skin a cat...)
And here's Sonshine and my Brown Eyed Girl...

No pictures of DD because she rarely lets anyone take her picture.

It's sad sometimes to consider that all my babies are actual adults. But on the other hand, life is good.

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