Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Agent Carter FTW!

So last night I tuned into actual live TV to watch the season premiere of Agent Carter.

Ms. Carter has been sent to Los Angeles because her boss in New York wants her out of his hair and wants the glory from the case she was working on. Of course, it backfires on him, and he loses the suspect and Peggy stumbles into something as equally sinister as what she left.

Is it completely realistic? Of course not--it's a comic book brought to life so there are fantastical elements, but that's what makes it fun. Peggy Carter, though, she looks like a 1940s woman should with all those lovely curves.

One of things I enjoy most about the show is the relationship between Peggy and Mr. Jarvis, her unlikely backup. James D'Arcy is fantastic as Tony Stark's prim and proper butler and right hand man. Peggy's free-spiritedness and independence and Mr. Jarvis's uptightness play well against each other.

Have you checked out this show? What do you think?

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