Monday, October 19, 2015

The new fall TV season...

Since I don't have access to "live" TV, I am rarely subjected to commercials of any kind, including ads for new TV shows. I hear the occasional ad on the radio, but without visuals, it's not quite the same. But due to my trips to Seattle and Omaha at the right time along with time spent in hotel rooms with live TV, I saw ads for a couple of contenders...

Quantico, Blood & Oil, and Code Black...

I started Quantico, which I'm liking for the most part. It has a flash forward/flash back feature that I'm not sure I want to deal with for a whole season, but I'll keep going for now and see what happens.

The show opens with a group of new recruits at the FBI Academy--an eclectic mix to be sure. Then at some point we fast forward approximately nine months to the site of a terrorist attack. Alex Parrish, one of the recruits--now a newly minted agent--is the prime suspect. Her escape is orchestrated by the assistant director of the academy as she knows Alex (in the image above) is being framed. Alex has 24 hours to clear her name. In order to do so, she flashes back to the her time in the academy and the things she was taught.

I read the description on Blood & Oil, but ultimately decided against watching. Just seemed to soap opera-ish for me.

Code Black actually came across my radar via radio. The premise is an ER in probably the poorest and most violent area of Los Angeles that finds itself under code black night after night after night. The opening sequence alerts viewers that the average ER calls code black approximately five time a year. This particular ER calls code black three hundred times a year... Oh, what's code black, you ask? That's when an ER is overrun with more patients than they have resources (personnel, space, medical equipment/supplies) to handle. So, yeah, sounded intriguing. So far, I'm enjoying it.

Anyone else watching either one of these (or both)?? What do you think?

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