Monday, September 14, 2015

One last post about my trip...

After Seattle, DH and I traveled to Omaha to see another branch of my family...

Back in February, my babiest sister gave birth to my nephew six weeks before he should have arrived. Her amniotic fluid was so low, he was safer out in the world than inside his mommy's tummy. Anyway, all's well that ends well and baby Colton is doing just fine. But I wanted to see him before he was no longer a baby.

So here are my nephews and me...

Colton on the left and Austyn on the right.

He's a super happy baby!
(Being held by DH.)

In addition to seeing my nephews, I also went to see my dad's grave.

I'd bought a half dozen patriotic pinwheels here in Texas, but, alas, forgot to grab them on our way out of town so had to do with the paltry offering of the local big box store. But better than nothing!

It was great to see everyone, but I'm glad to me home again, home again, and back to my regularly scheduled routine, my own home (BED!), and of course, the dog. :)

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