Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Friday!

I'm definitely glad it's Friday...I know, I know, who isn't usually glad it's Friday, right?

But it's been a tough week for DH and I'm glad it's at an end. Not only did we have one of our (two) techs on vacation, but DH was hit with a ton of forensic work, so he'd been going on mostly fumes until last night. He was able to get a full night's sleep finally.

Now, week hasn't been quite that awful. It started off last Sunday with a lovely three plus visit with my dear friend, Nancy. We always have such rich and varied conversations and I can always count on her to be supportive and excited about my fan girl proclivities. Not everyone gets it, but she's been a fan girl herself so she knows whence forth I come! Thanks, Nancy!!!

One of the things we talked about was cross stitching. Nancy used to create patterns for publication a few moons ago, so she's a great critiquer and resource. Anyway, I've been creating original cross stitch patterns and contemplating selling both the completed project as well as the patterns themselves on Etsy. My hand graphed patterns wouldn't be good enough quality to scan and sell, so I researched cross stitch pattern making programs for the computer and found a couple, made a choice and purchased it.

Then of course I had to play with it, and once I got it figured out and one of my patterns created, then printed--what a rush to see my pattern looking all official!! I giggled with glee. I really did. So I've been stitching and digitizing my patterns for the past couple of days. Look, a quick's hard to see and looks much better in physical reality.

Tomorrow is also writers group so I'm excited to see my writer peeps and catch up with them. Our visit was cut short last month as I had another event and had to skip our meeting after the meeting.'s Friday. Hope you have a super weekend!

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