Monday, June 15, 2015

What a great week!!!

As I announced on Friday, it was my birthday, and I'd been having a good week until then. Well, the week just got better!

The JAG gals and I went out to eat on Friday as per ususal, and I was given birthday cards and presents! They even sang me happy birthday and paid for my dinner. I had such a wonderful time catching up, talking, laughing, and generally bonding with these women.

Friday I shared a group photo from five years ago when we visited the USS Lexington. Here's this year's group photo.

Saturday was another day of fun, just laughing and talking.

Then I found out my super celebrity crush Benedict Cumberbatch's baby was born--so do I share a birthday with the Cumberbaby??? How cool would that be?? (My wedding anniversary is the same day as BC's birthday!)

Sunday, I had lunch with my dear friend Nancy. Our visit was fantastic as usual. Our topics of conversation range far and wide and I love that so much. I also had birthday dinner with DH and DD along with DD's BFF. They ate, but I'd had enough food over the course of the weekend that I was too full to eat. So I just had dessert.

And that was my super fantastic birthday week. I'll be making pupcakes (pumpkin cupcakes) for next week's writers group. :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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