Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Early Birthday to Me!!!

 So Friday's my birthday, but through a quirk of circumstance, I ended up with my birthday gift a couple of days early!

 I have a brand spanking new Lenovo tablet. I love my iPad, but the sweet thing is so old it won't upgrade to the latest operating system and therefore I can't download any new apps or update some of the others I have.

On this new tablet, I have access to all my various email accounts, all kinds of TV show watching apps, as well as my social media sites. Plus there's a camera and an FM radio! Too cool.

In addition to my new tablet, my new I-survived-running-my-chapter's-writing-contest reward also arrived. Last year, I bought myself this...which I still have and still use. But it's a little large. Though great for traveling as I discovered last fall while visiting Sonshine at boot camp.

My reward this year, in honor of a new fandom love, I got this...

Yep--a purse made out of a book. :) I'm so terribly excited. Sometimes a gal just needs to let her fan girl tendencies run amok.

That pattern there, on the second picture, it's the pattern of the wallpaper in the BBC's Sherlock 221B set!! How cool is that?? Can't wait to show it off.

Are you a fan person? There are all levels you know, from lurker to fan writer or fan artist to cos player or podcast producer.

Do you participate in any fandoms at any level of fannishness?? Do tell!

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