Monday, November 10, 2014

Looking toward 2015...

My list of goals for 2014 are just there on the left. I updated you on them two month ago. Nothing's changed except that I have gotten closer to my goal of 120lbs. I cleared the 130lb. hurdle and have settled comfortably in the one hundred twenty range. I'm very happy with that. Next year will be more about toning what's left.

Anyway, it's time to look ahead to 2015, to determine what I want to accomplish and make plans and set goals.

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I've gone round and round with myself regarding writing for publication. I've had conversations with DH and several friends on the matter and have to come to a few conclusions, none of which I'll bore you with at this point. I have friends who are supporting themselves with their writing. I have friends who aren't. Yesterday, I met a teenager who'd made a bit of cash throwing a few things up on B&N. If he can, why can't I? Follow through. Yeah, a huge problem of mine. So maybe smaller, concrete goals that I can reach and check off the list along the way. Some serious thought on this is in my near future.

My proofreading business...I don't get a lot of return customers. I've gotten positive feedback from almost everyone. No negative feedback to me directly. I'm not super-expensive and I don't feel I'm super cheap either. I'm not sure where the disconnect is. I'd really love to have a small cache of clients who avail themselves of my services consistently. I have a simple listing on one author site, but I suppose I ought to consider advertising regularly. Something else to think about.

My house and back yard will be ongoing, but I'll think about specifics. Re-decorating DD's room will definitely be on the list.

Of course reading will be make the list again, as will getting healthier.

All right. So. There are the generalizations for next year. I'll be thinking about them for the next little while and will determine specifics.

I challenge you my friends and readers to look ahead and do the same. We can meet back here at the new year and compare notes.

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Regina Richards said...

Wow, nearly 2015 already. The years seem to be flying by faster and faster.