Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I get to see my boy!!

I spent an anxious Monday evening booking hotel rooms and flights for two, yes, count them--TWO--trips in the span on eleven days to visit my Seaman Recruit.

Of course, the second trip is to see him graduate, but because there's a holiday--a big, important family holiday--coming up, the Navy has seen fit to let us 'adopt' our recruit (ADOPT?? A-hem, he's mine and always will be, no matter what the Navy says) for the Thanksgiving holiday. So the first visit is (obviously) for Thanksgiving.

(He's not a full-fledged hero just yet, but he's close!!)

We get to pick him up from the base and spend the whole day with him. Holy smokes. I have no idea how or what we're gonna feed him, but I'm okay with delivery pizza and I imagine he would be too. :)

I'm so excited.