Friday, October 31, 2014

A completely empty nest...

It's finally official--or will be--

Tomorrow our last birdie leaves the nest.

DD, our middle child, has been home for the past few days to 'legit pack' (her words, not mine) to move in with a friend. She'd actually started packing at the beginning of the year, anticipating moving out around the time Seaman Recruit Sonshine graduated high school last June. Obviously, things didn't go quite as planned.

For the most part, DD's been staying with another friend for the last few weeks and it's been quiet around the house. Now, we'll have the use of her room.

Since the birdies have been gone, I've definitely noticed a reduction in trash and the necessity of running the dishwasher every single night. The grocery bill has dropped a little and I've lost a load of laundry without Sonshine here too. Now I'm just waiting for the utility bills to reflect the reduced electricity and water usage as well...

Have a great weekend! And seeing as how it's October 31st, have a Happy Halloween as well.

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mtnchild said...

Hope you had a good Halloween too! As always, we had no Trick or Treaters ... the properties are spread out too far for anyone to want to walk or even drive around.

Enjoy your empty nest ... LOL