Friday, August 15, 2014

Revisiting my 2014 goals...

So I was cleaning up and re-arranging the blog the other day and perused my list of goals. You know, we're seven and a half months into the year and only one item is 100% accomplished--getting Sonshine graduated. I could throw a second one in that category (working on the back yard), but since that's an ongoing project, I won't just yet.

As for the rest, let's see...

1) lose more weight, a goal of 120 lbs. -- I've made no progress what-so-ever. In fact, I gained a few pounds while in San Antonio, so I've got lose those first, then work on the rest. But I determined to get back on track this week and have hit the treadmill every morning as well performing my short bouts of calisthenics throughout the day.

2) pay off the credit card with proofing money -- well, proofing slowed way down, so I haven't been able to pay any extra on it. The plan had been to have it paid off by now,'s not.

3) created a bulb bed/plant flower bulbs on the side of my garage -- I worked on that a bit. I started by cleaning up all the brush that had accumulated from downed tree limbs. Then I pulled up most of the bushes that were there, but then things happened and I didn't get back to it. The chopped off tree is growing branches and leafing... grass is creeping (nicely) into the space... But there's more brush from more downed limbs and it needs a mowing. Not sure when I'm gonna get this thing put to bed... (pun intended)

4) work on the back yard -- see Wednesday's post

5) book shelves in the living room -- probably not happening this year

6) ramp up proof reading -- well, I just didn't. I could give you a number of reasons and they'd be all be valid, but at the end of the day, still excuses.

7) publish three more Romance Writers Guides -- um, nope. Couldn't come up with a topic that'd take me longer than 500 words to cover, so the project went on hold.

8) get Sonshine graduated -- done and dusted. Plus a bonus induction into the Navy. :)

9) read up on health and well being -- I've done a little. Remember the whole calcium thing? But not nearly as much as I'd planned. Maybe next year.

10) read 64 books, including 12 on plotting -- slightly behind, but have read three of twelve plotting books. None of them were really that helpful. No light bulb moments at any rate. So nine more plotting books and twenty-three other books. I do count anything I proof read. I mean, I'm reading it, right?? Does all my fan fiction count?? I read a ton of that...probably five epic (100K+ words) novels worth over the last seven months. Of course, Goodreads doesn't have a way for me to key that in...bummer.

What about you?? How are you doing on your goals for the year?


Regina Richards said...

This sent me back to look at my goals for 2014. Mixed results. For the first 6 months I was doing well on most of them. But lately...

Thanks for reminding me I need to get back on track.

Jen FitzGerald said...

You're welcome, I think. ;)

I should have re-visited a little sooner, but what are you gonna do?