Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the subject of learning things from TV...

Recently, I've been watching another BBC show called Land Girls.

The series tells the tale of women during World War II who were conscripted or willingly joined the Women's Land Army--an organization started up during WWI to place women on farms to do the work of the men who'd gone off to fight. It is estimated that in Great Britain, 260K women served during WWI and 80K during WWII. In addition to the Land Army in Britain, there was also the Women's Timber Corps to fill labor shortages in the Forestry Service as well.

Just FYI, the show itself is basically a period soap opera, not a documentary, if you found the topic of interest.

There were similar organizations in the United States, The Women's Land Army of America, as well as Australia.

Anyway, I love history, and thought I'd share the love.

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Regina Richards said...

Looks like an interesting show. I'll check it out. Thanks.