Monday, July 28, 2014

The highlight of my trip to San Antonio...

So a few miles north of the I-35N/I-35S connection/split on the south side of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex there's a billboard... I wish I'd taken a picture, but I just didn't think much of it the dozen times I've driven past it except to wonder why there's a billboard for a gas station 181 miles north of its actual location...


Oh, my goodness... Look!

 Sixty gas pumps. What?

 The brass Bucee statue out front.

 The view from one end of the store. It's the size of a Neighborhood Walmart!

 Aisles and aisles of candy and nuts and jerky in all kinds of flavors and varieties.
Holy smokes!

And of course you gotta have Bucee merchandise.

I had some fun in there looking around and bought a few Texas-themed items.

Have you ever been to a Bucee's like this???

(And, yes, I'm easily amused.)


Regina Richards said...

I've stopped at Bucees numerous times but I fill the tank, make a beeline for the bathrooms, and then hit the road again. I've never actually shopped there. I'm always in a hurry to get wherever I'm going. But having seem these pictures, I'll make a point to spend more time next time.

Unknown said...

Buc-ee's is awesome! They have the best bathrooms! :)