Friday, June 20, 2014

T.G.I.F. and some updates of minor things...

I'm pretty tuckered out and stressed and very glad it's Friday.

On the other hand, I'm the fill-in speaker for my writers group tomorrow...yikes. I'm going to talk about the most common issues I correct while proof reading/copy editing. A subject I know and that other writers should find informative. I hope.

In other news, the de-weeding of the back yard is coming along. Slowly, very slowly. The dandelions seems to mostly be gone, so that's good. And I've deduced there are at least two kinds. Well, I'm sure there multiple varieties, actually, but I think my yard contains two. Along with some other dandelion-like weeds.

But since those don't seem to be growing much anymore--I'm now concentrating on the weed that grows stickers. It looks very much like crab grass, but it, of course, sprouts those blasted stickers. Mostly I try to pull out the whole base of the plant, including the roots. But sometimes I just have to resort to plucking the sticker pods so they don't dry out, fall off and go to seed and infest my poor yard with even more of themselves...

And last for today is my new fan love----the BBC's SHERLOCK. The show is smart and funny and filled with subtext to the nth degree and features the delightful and delicious Benedict Cumberbatch!

(Sherlock promo image)

(Benedict Cumberbatch--isn't that a great name?)

Anyone else watching Sherlock? What do you think??

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Regina Richards said...

Love Sherlock! And you are right about the subtext. Wonderful.